Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Helping You Collect Compensation After a Motor Vehicle Accident

There have always been dangers on the road, but negligent drivers pose some of the greatest risks. They can turn someone’s life upside down in an instant by texting while driving, driving recklessly, driving without proper training, speeding, or not adequately maintaining a safe vehicle.

If you were hurt in a car crash, truck accident, or other motor vehicle accident, you are well-advised to promptly speak with an attorney. It is critical that you have a detailed record of your accident, injury, treatments, and their impact on your life if you want a chance at collecting maximum compensation. Gathering this information and developing your personal injury case should begin as soon as possible.

An Assertive and Compassionate Advocate for Your Compensation

At Phillip J. Jusino & Associates, P.C., we provide prompt, reliable, and reputable legal counsel to clients throughout Suffolk County. Our firm’s experience in a wide range of contentious legal matters has helped us provide injury victims with the staunch advocacy they need against at-fault parties and their insurance companies.

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Proving the Legitimacy of Your Car Accident Injury Claim

It may be clear to you who was at fault in your car accident. It may be clear to you that your injury has rendered you unable to work and earn income. But, simply recognizing these issues is not enough to allow you to collect the injury compensation you deserve.

When filing a claim for personal injury benefits, the insurance company will need to see a detailed and thorough justification for the amount of compensation needed. Our firm can provide guidance and advocacy for:

  • Proving negligence in the accident. The insurance company will do everything possible to thwart liability for your claim. We can help ensure the at-fault party is held accountable by thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident and presenting those details persuasively.
  • Proving that the accident is directly related to the injury you’ve suffered. Sometimes our clients face pushback from insurance companies that assert their injuries are not related to the accident. We push back just as hard to make sure you get what you need.
  • Proving to what degree the injury has impacted your life and what level of compensation you should receive. Even if you have a severe injury that keeps you out of work, opposing parties may try to say that you could go back to work and earn income. Don’t sacrifice your health. Make sure you recover, both physically and financially.

Contact our office via email or call us at 631-588-3155 to set up a free initial consultation. Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no legal fee unless we help you recover the compensation you need.