Adopting a child is a joyous and life-changing occasion. However, completing and filing all of the paperwork can be confusing and, if not done properly, can cause numerous legal issues that may not be discovered until much later. In order to avoid potential problems and ensure that your adoption process is completed correctly, seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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Since 1991, Phillip J. Jusino & Associates, P.C., has provided high-quality family law advice to individuals and families on Long Island. Every question you have about the adoption process — “How long will it take?” and “What is needed?” — requires extensive experience and knowledge; attributes that our legal team has.

When you are expanding the size of your family, let our family guide you through the process. Mr. Jusino, and his father Ozzie Jusino, work together to make your experience a happy one – adopting your stepchild, a newborn or a child of any age.

While the adoption process is usually not a litigious matter, sometimes disputes may arise, for example, when a parent has a change of heart. Mr. Jusino will not back down from a fight if that is what it takes to secure your life goals.

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